Communication for a Healthy Relationship

The wise & old always claim "communication is the key" to a successful marriage.

Of course, ever since being children we like to learn things the hard way & not always take heed to advise. Its a part of growing up i guess, like life experience & testing boundaries. One day we meet our chosen loved one & invest in them a life sacrifice commitment. Yes love has a large element of choice, & not just chemical connection (e.g. successful arranged marriages in some cultures).

Heart breaker

Arguments can be destructive, they test boundaries, but also establish boundaries. It expresses emotion & hence is a form of communication.

  • Is it good not to argue?
  • Can a relationship grow without establishing boundaries?
  • Is it good to argue?

hmmm, food for thought.

Recall the song Silence is Golden?

Perhaps sometimes the question is how do we communicate? They say there are various love languages. Do we need to learn them all?

So is silence not so golden perhaps?

Surely avoiding a fight is a good thing, we don't want things to get physical.

What is the difference between "No Contact" & "The Silent Treatment"?

 This sounds more serious than whats on the surface.

" The Silent Treatment", "Stonewalling", or "Cold Shoulder", is a method of conflict un-resolution that can have chronic, damaging effects on relationships.

"A relationship is the secrets you share with somebody. That's what makes a relationship special," George-Sturges said. "When you stop communicating, then what else are you doing? There's nothing else there if we are not sharing our thoughts, our ideas & our feelings.

ignoring her

Thoughts, stories or experiences anyone?


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